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    Link Available Views: 9 Replies: 0
Hey everyone,

I've got link available on my main site. Both header and footer. Only 1 header spot available right now.

The site receives anywhere from 2000-2500 unique visitors on weekdays, most of which is tier 1 organic traffic from Google.

Price for a 3 month header link is $45.

Price for a 3 month footer link is $35.
Submitted by: falarious on 12-09-2016 at 01:40 PM
    Update the gamefeed for ... Views: 12 Replies: 0
AVCMS. I notice the last update you have for the Gamefeed and AV was for 5.4, it would be nice to have that updated
Submitted by: iMage on 12-09-2016 at 01:21 PM
    NEW Sponsorship for my 2 top site with 300000 players Views: 29 Replies: 1

im looking for a great sponsorship

We will add your best ads to our top website

over 300,000,00 players

$300 per month with 2month paid upfront
Submitted by: on 12-09-2016 at 11:40 AM
    Exclusive games for sale Views: 25 Replies: 0

We have few exclusive girl games for sale. We can convert the games to APK as well or html5.

Do pm us for the games details.

Submitted by: flashgamesdeveloper on 12-08-2016 at 07:40 PM
    [WTB] Links to Cash Converter Views: 57 Replies: 0
I'm buying all kind of textual/banner ads.
Hit me up with your websites and prices.
Submitted by: Covax on 12-08-2016 at 05:13 AM
    Santa Gifts transport game for sale Views: 40 Replies: 1
Hello all,

I have a new game available for sponsorship. Here is the link. Christmas season is back, so here is the Christmas theme game for this season. Become the Santa and transport the gifts for kids.

Anyone interested PM me. Price are reasonably less.

Submitted by: Tommy_games on 12-08-2016 at 02:23 AM
    WTS great traffic Links Views: 52 Replies: 0

My gaming site has great traffic (over 1,500 visitors per day) and rank to many gaming keywords offering text links on the homepage.

Only have a couple spots available again!

1 month = $30 or best offer
3 months = $50 or best offer
6 months = $100 or best offer
Submitted by: y8gamesio on 12-07-2016 at 11:29 PM
    new HTML5 game :Koala Rumble Views: 63 Replies: 0
hi, I have a new mini tile game: Koala Rumble



description: Collect all the Eucalyptus leaves on the map in 15 seconds! watch out for the bully Koala who will stun you for 2 seconds if you touch him!
Submitted by: MunchieGames on 12-07-2016 at 05:56 PM
    High quality links For Sale Views: 53 Replies: 0

$20 per month. Site only allow 3 outbound links.
Pm me if you are interested.

Submitted by: kai3114 on 12-07-2016 at 06:33 AM
    Mobile-friendly preloader ads? Views: 54 Replies: 0
Can you recommend me ads network with mobile friendly preloader ads?
The one I use now is flash based and it blocks mobile users from playing.
Submitted by: rirara on 12-07-2016 at 02:50 AM
    Sell links. PM me Views: 97 Replies: 2
Only $ 100/6 months. 10 link I'll put a link to your. PM Me
Submitted by: vnanh91 on 12-06-2016 at 01:53 PM
    Multi-language gaming site vs. multiple gaming sites Views: 83 Replies: 1
What do you think is better?

a) Creating multiple gaming sites (they can all have different domains) and linking them together or

b) creating one multi-language gaming site which will detect from where visitor comes and show him/her pages in their language. Here is the example of one multi-language site:

What are your experiences?
Submitted by: Goja on 12-06-2016 at 08:32 AM
    Hi I am new from Pakistan Views: 124 Replies: 4
Hi I am new from Pakistan.
How is the SEO going so far? I will be suggesting seo tips and tricks to rank websites higher and surpass the competition.
Submitted by: theranker on 12-04-2016 at 10:59 PM
    Popular games arcade for sale Views: 133 Replies: 0
Hi guys,

I have for sale a popular arcade of mine.

Here is the flippa listing

If you have any questions please feel free to message me.
Submitted by: Leetkangaroo on 12-04-2016 at 10:12 AM
    selling source game fla Views: 82 Replies: 0
Hello TA, i wana sell a source of a good game. It's about a fishing game with character. The game was write in as2.

More details PM!
Submitted by: eddyg on 12-04-2016 at 08:56 AM
    Halp Views: 113 Replies: 2
Hi guys,

Apologies in advance as this may be considered spam but I'm having some issues in trying to make a new post in the "arcades for sale" section. Basically, it won't let me.

I've looked through the forum rules and have found nothing relating to this.

Could somebody please help me?
Submitted by: Leetkangaroo on 12-03-2016 at 12:02 PM
    a High quality puzzle platformer game Views: 117 Replies: 1
I have a new game. its a puzzle platformer game.
It has high quality graphics and interesting gameplay. It also has achievements and can implement your online leaderboard API

-high quality colorful artworks with good animation
-as3 (flash .swf)
-simple control (use w,a,s,d or arrow keys to control)
-Areas to visit and explore (secret underground cavern, flying lands, etc)
-optional side missions to do
Submitted by: biru on 12-03-2016 at 01:39 AM
    Games For Sale Views: 110 Replies: 0
Hi Everyone,

It's been a while since I've been actively here but I have two games for sale to people who may be interested. They're both cooking style games and one is similar to and the other is a make cakes and serve them to customers as fast as you can.

They're both flash games and can come either as the SWF files or we can offer to sell the complete source code to the games as well. If you're interested send me a PM and your price range along with if...
Submitted by: smithscomputers on 12-02-2016 at 06:24 PM



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